Wednesday, April 25, 2012

second post-op appt, no more splint, no more bands!

Hi there!
Here is a video update about today:

I've slowly been returning to school doing random little things that couldn't wait.  I saw a patient yesterday while I was still banded shut and it went pretty well. I just said if you can't understand me I'll repeat myself or I'll write it down but we didn't really have any problems communicating.  My energy level is definitely returning.

At today's appointment they took the bands off and removed the splint.  I was nervous to open my mouth at first! It was so nice to finally brush my teeth.  Then they took out some of the stiches inside my mouth, I was really thankful that some of those areas were numb bc those stiches hurt coming out in the other areas that had feeling!  ouch.


  1. you look fantastic! So glad to see things going well for you at the 2 week mark. I wish they would take out some of my stitches. I had some that they said would fall out at 2 weeks and some that would fall out at 4 weeks. The stragglers are driving me bonkers!

    1. Thanks Nichole! I feel you on the stiches. I have a few here and there that have these long extensions floating around, I want them to fall out already!

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