Monday, April 16, 2012

life at post-op day 4

My life over the past couple days has been a cycle of taking medications on a schedule, eating and drinking as much as possible, and napping when possible.  It's kind of tiring to constantly be focusing on all of this but at least I know that I can take the time off of school and not worry about studying yet.

Today was definitely the best day so far, so I'm hoping everyday is going to get better from here on out.  I have a few new best friends:
liquid percocet
liquid ibuprofen
eating syringes

Eating is a tricky thing.  My mouth is banded shut with a splint (a retainer like thing) between the teeth.  When I eat this makes my teeth act like a sieve when anything that's not liquid tries to go through. I can drink water from a straw, it just goes slower then with the syringe. Here're some examples:
Good to eat:
a boost for breakfast and ensure for dessert (go to 56s)
tomato soup
yogurt watered down with juice

not good to eat:
corn meal mush watered down
cream of wheat watered down
these things are too particulate and get clogged up in my braces

Before I forget I'd like to thank everyone that has been sending me their thoughts and prayers.  All of the moral support is really helpful.  I'd also like to say thank you to my mom's friends and my friends that have sent cards and supportive messages.  When you think things are tough, it really is nice to know that someone is there for you keeping you in mind.

Here are some pictures of each day since day 0, you can really see how much the swelling is going down!  I'll update more about the hospital experience later but everything was great, I love my team of doctors they are the best.

day 0. in recovery that afternoon

day 1. the hospital suction was my best friend

day 2, ready to go home later

day 3, my roommates travel neck pillow was a lifesaver

day 4, today.  my right side is actually more swollen than the left, the picture is just deceiving.  
this picture was from the beginning of the day, i'm even more yellow now


  1. Congrats lovely!! you look amazing for day 4!!! Its really encouraging to see how well you are doing :)
    Is it very painful? can you manage to talk?
    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

    All the best

    Hara x

  2. Eating post op is like a full time job! You've made it through the worst. Hope you ave a smooth, speedy recovery :)

  3. wowwww! oh my gosh well done for surviving! it looks like you are doing so well, and your profile looks great already!
    the food advice is really useful as well:) Also, can you talk or is it difficult to talk? and is it or was it painful? Sending you lots of healing thoughts I hope everything continues to go great xoxox

  4. Hey Laura you are looking great for day 4!! It is hard to eat because everything sounds just blahh but you should try really runny mashed potatoes! I lived off of them for a few weeks it is the only thing that sounded remotely appetizing. I just added loads of milk and butter to get them into the syringe. It sounds like you are doing pretty good though! Just keep up with those pain meds, my theory is they give you them for a reason, "no need to be in any pain" as my surgeon put it. Hope all is well! :)

  5. You're looking great Laura!! By this time, your almost a week out of surgery!! YAY! Like Jamie said, I know the feeling of not being able to eat too well. Especially trying to eat something that just gets frustrating. One thing I liked to eat when I was all liquid was strained cream of "something" (asparagus/potato/mushroom) soups. I also used a condiment bottle (like one you would have ketchup/mustard in) to help eat to. It was a lot faster than the syringe.