Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I sneezed

first time since before surgery.  my face didn't blow up.

on another note, I'm full time back at school and doing just fine with it.  It takes a little extra effort to eat a good breakfast and bring snacks/food for lunch but there is actually a good amount of food I can buy to eat (yogurt, soup, pasta, etc.)  
Its kinda funny to be back because I have to go to or through the oral surgery clinic a lot and I see my surgeons all the time haha.  3 week post op appointment is tomorrow.
still puffy, its going to take awhile for all of this residual swelling to go down.  


Look! I can purse my lips now!  couldn't do that very well a week ago.
p.s.- good luck lindsay on your surgery tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you.


  1. Hahah! I remember the first time I sneezed about 2 weeks ago. I was super freaked out thinking "did I remember to keep my mouth open?". Since then, I've probably sneezed a million times (thanks allergies), and don't think twice about it. That's awesome you get to see your surgeons in school so frequently. If that was me, I would totally be bugging them with lots of questions haha.

  2. Pursed lips. I'm jealous. I'm 2 weeks post and am now DETERMINED to shut my mouth. (I'm getting closer.) Seems like you're doing well. Sending you healing vibes.