Wednesday, March 7, 2012

check out my new GRILL

I had my second to last pre-surgical ortho appointment last week.  We put on 20 or so surgical hooks.  These are the hooks that the oral surgeon will use to wire my mouth shut when they do the surgery.  The orthodontist says the more hooks the better because they can break and the surgeons are always asking for more.  The orthodontist wants to have one more appointment before surgery just to check on the hooks and change the ties?

any votes on what color I should get before the surgery?  I was thinking just plain silver so they wont show stains- silver is just so boring though!!

35 days til surgery.  I can't wait.  I'm so excited to be 6 or so months down the road and be able to BITE into things and actually bite through them.  Like sandwiches, pizza, cookies- any and everything you bite into with your front teeth?  I'm so excited to be able to incise correctly and not tear, rip, or pull food to be able to get it in my mouth and eat!!

I'm officially on a no restrictions diet to try and gain some weight before the surgery- any pointers?  Ive just been trying to up the calories with every meal.  

Pre-op appointments are set for the end of this month, I'll be sure to update the blog afterwards.

Here are some pics-
My new grill! lol this is me slightly opened
luckily, it doesn't look too different from normal braces with my regular smile

right profile, jaw relaxed?
left profile

I wish my teeth were cleaner for these pics- sorry!
I've got so many sweet surgical hooks now!

there was only one area the hook wouldn't fit onto the wire because it has a bend
so class III!
Profile, biting down. I can't wait to have cheekbones!


  1. Hey! Your teeth are looking great! The surgical hooks are not very fun! I am surprised they put them on so early, mine only went on 2 weeks before my surgery and they look just like those! I always liked the dark colors like navy blue or purple, because they are still fun colors, but they don't stain very much.

    And I totally understand the wanting to be able to actually bite food! Let me tell you it is amazing and well worth the wait and everything that it takes to get through this.

    Good luck! I can't wait to see how great your jaws and such line up post -op!

  2. Wow I cannot wait to see what the results are going to be!

    I found that by eating 4 meals a day helped me put on weight really easily. My last meal was near 8-9pm, but more of a snack. I hope you've got your final meal the night before all planned out! I went with 5 guys burgers and fries!

    Also working out helps you keep the weight somewhat healthy pre-surgery.

    Good luck!

  3. Do your surgical hooks irritate your mouth? I'm getting mine on the week before my surgery, so I hope my mouth can get used to them in 7 days!

    Haha, I officially started the no-restriction diet the day I got my surgery date. I've indulged on countless boxes of girl scout cookies (peanut butter patties to be precise). No, but in all seriousness, I have tried to include more well rounded meals into my daily diet. I am the type of person who will come home after work and have toast for dinner. So I have been eating protein, good carbs, and veggies. Right now I fluctuate around 145-150lbs. Before, I always was 135-140lbs, but I am tall (5'9") so I'm probably actually at a healthier weight now.

  4. Thank you guys for the healthy weight gain tips! One thing I've been doing in addition to eating bigger and more meals is using my new blender to make smoothies and shakes! I was never into blending before but I got a Ninja blender and it is seriously awesome. In addition to being able to make smoothies and stuff, now I make my own peanut butter and lots of other yummy stuff. I figure it's good practice for when I'll be on a liquid diet!

    Nikki- about the surgical hooks- They are surprisingly not that bad. I chronically get canker sore even in areas the braces don't touch my mouth but I did get one sore on my cheek where it kept hitting on one of the hooks. Wax usually helps me with canker sores if they're braces related but this one was really bad and I ended up using "CankerCover" which is a MIRACLE for sores in areas that move alot when you're talking or eating.
    The major downside to having the hooks is they trap meals worth of food in my mouth. I carry floss and a dental toothpick around with me at all times which helps but I guess this problem cant really be avoided. At least this problem will go away with a liquid diet? hopefully? lol

  5. Hi,i like your blog!cool..have you rubber band on all hooks on braces?

  6. Hi Laura! I just saw your blog and i LOVE it. Very informative. I think im approximately 63 days till my surgery date. So yea we're not that far apart sistah.

    You're surgery hooks worry me because I ONLY HAVE 6! WTF?

  7. Hmmm- I've never heard of canker cover! I'll have to try it!

  8. im getting these next time i go in umm do they hurt??.... because im scared