Saturday, April 13, 2013

1 year post-op!

Hi everyone,
Exactly one year and a day ago I was in the operating room having my face broken apart and put back together again.  Everything jaw-wise is great.  Right after my braces were taken off my jaw was clicking like crazy and I was wearing my retainers 24 hrs a day.  After a few months, I switched to wearing them only at night which I still do now.  It took a little while for my teeth to "settle" for the small gaps to close in the back.  Some of my contacts are still a little loose but I'm not too upset about it. My front tooth is temporized right now and I'm working on getting the final crown I attached a picture of what it looks like underneath, snagletooth!!

-In terms of numbness I have about 60% feeling on my right chin and lip and probably 90% on the left side. The day after my surgery I was completely numb on my right chin and left cheek, so I have come a long way! I'm not expecting that I will have any additional feeling return but I am pretty used to how things are now.

-I cannot breathe as well as I used to on the right side of my nose. When completely clear, air goes through it but it feels like something is blocking half the air.
Here are some recent pictures:


  1. Laura, you look beautiful! You have great symmetry and even look great from the up angle...jealous :)
    Isn't it lovely to be on this side of surgery?

  2. You look so happy, congrats!!